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Afinia H400+ 3D Printer

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The new Afinia H400+ 3D printer is the ultimate in affordability, reliability, and simplicity. It’s perfect for educators, hobbyists, and engineers who want to start 3D printing out-of-the-box and hassle free.

The H400+ is more advanced than the H400 with improved hardware and software.

New and Improved Features

  • – An Ethernet port allows you to connect your printer to a wired Local Area Network for maximum security
  • – Print Queue  – allows multiple users to send print jobs from different devices to the same printer via USB/Wi-Fi/LAN
  • – An updated 4.3-inch LCD Touchscreen with more features and functionality, plus the ability to upgrade with future software updates
  • – HEPA and Activated Carbon Filter – 3D printing certain materials, such as ABS, can generate potentially harmful UFP and VOC emissions. The HEPA and Activated Carbon filter effectively reduce these toxic elements known to be triggers for those suffering from asthma and other pulmonary disorders

Start 3D Printing in No Time

The Afinia H400+ is shipped fully assembled, ready to use, and with all the materials you’ll need, so you can start printing in minutes. Just install the software (compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS, and iOS) and wirelessly (or via USB) transfer your print.

Product Logo Product Image

 Existing Features:

  • – WiFi – transfer your print job wirelessly from a computer or mobile app
  • – Better resolution – with layer thickness as fine as 0.15mm
  • – Power failure protection  – resume printing from where a print was stopped due to power failure

 Additional Features for Safe & Easy 3D Printing

  • – Automatic nozzle height detection – helps ensure your print adheres securely to the print bed
  • – Software-assisted leveling – compensates for warped or imperfect print surfaces to help you achieve a successful print



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