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Aidex Joins the Nationwide Sales Force of the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council.

We’ve all seen the headlines: thousands and thousands of jobs in advanced manufacturing are going unfilled because employers can’t find qualified workers.

We’ve also seen the headlines about proactive companies investing billions in re-educating workers to better align skills with coming 21st jobs.

Now Aidex is in the headlines for being part of the solution of preparing a more tech-ready manufacturing workforce. Let me explain.

Aidex is now one of 12 regional resources of courseware designed to advance the knowledge and core skills of America’s frontline production and material handling workforce, representing the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC), in Indiana, Kansas and Missouri. This will be a concerted, coordinated national push to better prepare people for jobs, in many cases better paying jobs, that are increasingly reliant on technology.

This courseware was created by the MSSC, a non-profit, industry-led resource for training, assessment and certification systems. MSSC’s systems are based upon industry-defined and federally endorsed standards and offer entry-level and current workers the opportunity to demonstrate that they have acquired specific skills through two certifications: Certified Production Technician (CPT) and Certified Logistics Technician (CLT).

Aidex and the 11 other companies have 95 technical sales representatives capable covering all 50 states. We will serve as MSSC’s “boots on the ground,” bringing training and certification programs to the local level. Specifically, we will:

  • Take and track orders for all MSSC courses;
  • Provide guidance on using MSSC courses as either stand-alone curriculum or embedded in comprehensive curricula;
  • Identify credit articulation agreements between community colleges and high schools;
  • Provide tech support for the new hands-on MSSC Certified Production Technician Plus (CPT+) certification using the Amatrol “Skill Boss” training device. (Aidex is the exclusive sales representative for Amatrol educational technology in Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska);
  • Help build community support among key stakeholders; and
  • Represent MSSC at key meetings and conferences in every state.

MSSC notify existing MSSC users on how to connect with Aidex and the other new reps. Equally exciting, MSSC will be launching new certifications programs in manufacturing and logistics that will launch later in 2018.

Aidex works hard to align ourselves with manufacturers and makers of educational technology and curricula that delivers real value to students, instructors, schools, and ultimately, to industry employers. As the national leader in preparing and assessing individuals on core technical competencies needed for frontline work in advanced manufacturing and logistics, MSSC is the right partner at the right time.

Furthermore, MSSC is the only national certification body to be accredited under ISO Quality Standard 17024 (Personnel Certification) and endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers for both manufacturing and logistics.

MSSC’s pedigree and mission is unmatched by any other organization. Quite simply, our schools need more effective tools and carefully curated certifications to prepare students for 21st century careers. That’s something MSSC can deliver – with the help of Aidex.

Aidex provides educational technology, consulting, and support to KJ-12, community and technical colleges, and universities in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. To connect with Aidex and our Technical Sales Team, please email We welcome the opportunity to learn more about you, your school and how we can help.


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