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The ATS FleetMaster™ simulator provides true-to-life driving environments in a high-fidelity simulator platform that is customizable to commercial transportation vehicles, motor coaches, heavy equipment, rural transit, and military applications.

Simulation-based training is a proven enhancement for driver training, and periodic assessment and reinforcement allows entities to conduct practical, real-world training efficiently and safely. Furthermore, simulation training conducted with the ATS line of simulators incorporates the ATS-patented, self-paced approach that emphasizes safety and driver awareness through simulated training in a comfortable and risk-free environment.

Simulation Benefits:

  • – Simulation training for new drivers and driver assessments for industry veterans allows entities to conduct practical, real-world training in a safe and controlled environment
  • Accident Reduction and Safety Awareness: ATS customers, through the use of simulation, experience significant reduction in preventable accidents and the severity of the accidents by reinforcing critical safety procedures and industry techniques
  • Creating Fuel-Efficient Personnel: Use of the FleetMaster™ simulator allows schools and carriers to realize fuel savings through better fuel management training, practice, and implementation
  • Reducing Vehicle Costs: Carriers and schools alike immediately minimize maintenance and wear on vehicles. Simulator training ensures more vehicles stay on the road.
  • Increased Driver Retention and Performance: Patented, efficient, and objective feedback on simulator performance gives drivers the skills and confidence both on the road and the training yard
  • Custom Applications and Installation: From mobile classroom applications to training centers and schools, ATS is the first choice when it comes to special installations and use

FleetMaster™ Features:

    • – Patented software and training techniques deliver efficient learning and reinforcement, emphasizing muscle memory and training objectives
    • – Human-centered design includes ATS-patented transmission, actual pneumatic truck seat, OEM steering column and controls, and original OEM pedals to provide enhanced realism
    • – Full HD LED/LCD displays designed to create an immersive simulated environment, operated by a single onboard PC
    • – Force-feedback steering with accurate, true-to-life feedback focuses on muscle memory in emergency situations, backing procedures, and adverse driving conditions
    • – User-friendly driver and instructor interface and menus, allowing participants to select different combinations of vehicles, platforms, and scenario conditions

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