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Getting Started with Rapid Prototyping: Roland’s SRM-20 3D Milling Machine

Teaching the principals of design and engineering can be dry content, but with the introduction of 3D milling machines and the ability to rapidly prototype one’s designs, even students with minimal interest in the subject matter become hooked. Being a maker definitely turns students into active learners. It’s no surprise that a growing number of high schools, career centers, and community colleges are getting into tech labs and fab labs in a big way; there is simply no better way to learn!

Some schools may be afraid their budgets aren’t substantial enough to add equipment like 3D milling machines, laser printers, and other machines that are the foundation of many tech labs. Here’s the good news. Some of Aidex’s most popular educational technology manufacturers have surprisingly affordable options that give you the performance you want at a great price.

One of these is Roland’s SRM-20 3D Milling Machine. If you want to add rapid prototyping capabilities to your school’s curriculum and/or are starting a tech lab, here are six reasons to consider Roland’s SRM-20:

1) It’s Compact and Powerful.
Is your school pressed for space? Then the SRM-20 is for you. This small milling machine delivers a compact size and powerful functionality. Students can produce realistic parts and prototypes with a machine that fits into any classroom or lab environment. It measures 17.76” wide x 16.80” deep x 16.78” in height and weighs in at just under 45 pounds.

2) Ability to Create Precise Prototypes.
Don’t let the size of the SRM-20 fool you. This is precision subtractive 3D prototyping at its best. Students can use the SRM-20 to create realistic 3D prototypes that are virtually identical to production parts.

3) Accommodates a Wide Range of Materials.
The SRM-20 is a subtractive 3D prototyping machine that accommodates a wide range of materials, including modeling wax, chemical wood, foam, acrylic, poly acetate, ABS. and PC board. All of these materials can be precision milled using the SRM-20. These materials are readily accessible and affordable for student use.

4) It’s speedy.
The SRM-20 is a next-generation desktop mill that boasts a micro-step motor drive system for clean and precise contours and a feed rate that’s two times faster than previous generations of mills. You will appreciate the speed when you have a classroom of students who want to create their prototype now!

5) Multi-axis milling is as easy as X, Y and Z.
The SRM-20 was designed with technological advancements that include a touch-button VPanel controller to regulate feed rate, spindle speed and milling on a complete X, Y, Z axes. It also has a new independent collet system that allows for faster setting of the Z-axis base point and quick tool changes.

6) It’s affordable – prices start at $4,000!!
No, this isn’t a misprint. The SRM-20 is very budget friendly!!

If you’re ready to get started in rapid prototyping, look no further than Roland’s SRM-20 3D milling machine. Contact Aidex today for more information and for a quote.


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