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TU-155 Industrial Refrigeration Trainer

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This trainer enables students to learn principles of commercial and industrial refrigeration systems


  • – Trainer: Self-contained and freestanding with storage space underneath
  • – Compressor: Semi-hermetic type with 2 HP capacity
  • – Crankcase heater with automatic control system
  • – 2 forced air type evaporators have 2 common types of defrost mechanisms complete with solenoids, timers, and associated equipment
  • – 2 standard types of water cooled condensers (tube-in-tube and shell-in-tube) are supplied and piped to be used with city water and optional water tower
  • – Hot gas by-pass system keeps operating pressures of the compressor constant regardless of the evaporator level
  • – Crankcase pressure regulator allows the compressor to start easily under high evaporator pressures
  • – Includes Instructor Guide


  •  – Electrical Requirements: Single phase, 240 VAC, 60 Hz, 40A (115 VAC, 60 Hz for water tower)
  • – Overall Size: 100″ L x 27″ W x 74″ H
  • – Water Tower: 60 Hz, single phase, 60,000 BTU/hr (optional add-on)
  • – Utility Requirements: city water, drain, and means of venting water tower
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