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LJ Create’s New Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Trainer Puts Students in Driver’s Seat

If you’ve had your car services at a dealership lately, you may have experienced a little sticker shock; labor charges today cost upwards of $125 an hour. Rates for luxury brands are even higher.

The reason for the sky-high rates? Today’s vehicles are not your granddaddy’s Chevy easily repaired with a wrench and good sense. The truth is we’re now driving highly sophisticated computer that just happen to have wheels. Thus, auto technicians must also be sophisticated in order to keep everything, from the fuel-injection systems to the gizmos that raise and lower windows, functioning smoothly.

This means there’s a tremendous demand for automotive technicians with the right training. For example, top-level technicians in the field can earn $100,000 a year after achieving master mechanic status and five years of experience. Keep in mind, there are 25,000 car dealerships in the United States that need to keep their service departments staffed. Demand is high for qualified technicians and so is the pay.

Here’s a question for educators: how are you going to put your students in the driver’s seat in this lucrative career field?

Aidex has the answer: add LJ Create’s industry-leading AutoLab Program to work in your college or high school. Since 2001, LJ Create has had the most complete system to hardware and software for teaching automotive repairs skills to NATEF standards. Their high-tech trainers, simulators, and extensive Cloud-based curriculum is second-to-none in supporting instructors and students in the ever-changing field of light, medium and heavy-duty vehicle maintenance.

This week Aidex and LJ Create will exhibit the latest addition to AutoLab: the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology training module at the Illinois College Autom0tive Instructor Association Conference (ICAIA), March 29 and 39, at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn.ICAIA Conference attendees will be among the first to “test drive” this new computer-linked simulator and panel trainer and explore the curriculum.

What we like about this new automotive educational technology is the realism of the simulation – you can use it for front-of-class instruction and students can use it for hands-on learning. We’ve reviewed the curriculum and it blew us away! Students will quickly achieve the knowledge and confidence they need to troubleshoot hybrid and electric vehicles and earn those high salaries!

Justin Chittick

We’ll also have lots of information on LJ Create’s comprehensive AutoLab program at the conference. Aidex’ technical sales representative, Justin Chittick, will be at the conference to meet with you and answer questions. LJ Create will also have a representative at the Aidex booth. Between the two of them, Aidex can connect you to the auto rigs, trainers and curriculum you need!

Would you like more information on LJ Creates’ AutoLab Program? Email us now. We’re happy to help!


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