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UAV Drone Gimbal Rig

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The MINDS-i Drone Gimbal Rig gives you the ability to pilot the MINDS-i UAV in a safe and controlled environment. The pre-assembled rig allows you to introduce flight controls and best practices to anyone, regardless of skill level or age. With the Gimbal Rig’s 3-Axis system, you have the full motion capabilities of the UAV at your fingertips. The MINDS-i Gimbal Rig is an excellent fit in a classroom, trade show, or convention.

Flying Drones

The programmable UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) elicit a “wow” reaction while teaching programming, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and aerodynamics. Contain the action with the MINDS-i UAV Drone Gimbal Rig.


Stabilize the drone autonomously while also responding to the pilot’s commands

Remote Telemetry

Send and receive real-time data between the UAV and computer to monitor vital data, including GPS location, orientation, battery voltage, and amperage draw.

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