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UAV + UGV Drones Lab

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Unmanned Aerial & Ground Vehicles

Take STEM learning to new heights with cutting-edge drones and rovers. Students explore programming, electromechanical systems, and aerodynamics with the UAV + UGV Drones Lab.

UAVs: Design, build, and program drones for aerial search and rescues, GPS-guided crop dusting, autonomous deliveries to remote locations, and other compelling industry-related challenges.

UGVs: Build and configure rugged rovers to manually and autonomously navigate challenging outdoor terrain, avoid obstacles, and perform complex tasks.

Spark and Sustain Students’ Interest in STEM

MINDS-i Robotics engages students in an energizing STEM learning environment with robots that are easy to build, program, and modify. Technologically advanced rovers and drones perform impressive real-world tasks that build excitement for STEM careers. The curriculum encourages collaborative problem-solving, and the open-source Arduino C++ programming language fosters endless creativity. With outstanding technical support, teachers are empowered and students are inspired to build whatever they envision in their “mind’s eye.”

Course Design

Each lab is one semester (90 hours) and designed for 3-5 students. Foundations is the recommended prerequisite to the UAV + UGV Drones Lab.

Explore the Drones Curriculum:

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