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School Fundraising Opportunity: Laser Engraved Bricks

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It seems like our schools can always use more money for athletic teams, the band, equipment for the tech lab, and other things like class trips. Instead of selling giftwrap, fruit or candy, if your fab lab or tech lab has a laser engraver, consider sponsoring a laser-engraved brick campaign.

Brick fundraising projects are a perfect way for your school to quickly generate funds. Depending on the space designated for donor-sponsored bricks – a walkway or wall for example – and how much you charge per brick, profits can be huge, generating thousands of dollars in a short amount of time! And why stop at one campaign? Laser-engraved bricks can easily be an annual fundraiser with new sections of the walkway or wall opened to future donors!

Just how profitable can a brick campaign be? Take a look at this chart. The profits add up quickly.

Brick Size Cost/Brick Donation Profit/Brick 150 Donors
4” x 8” $4 $150 $146 $21,900
8” x 8” $7 $250 $243 $36,450


What You’ll Need

Aidex is the exclusive dealer for AP Lazer, maker of the top laser engraving/cutting machines in the industry, in six Midwestern states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska. We chose to represent AP Lazer as their machines are, quite literally, plug-and-play. Each package comes with everything you need to get your students learning and using the machines, from the engraver to laptop to software and even safety glasses! See the complete line Aidex offers here.

AP Lazer machines engrave a broad range of materials from stone and glass to coated metals and plastic. These engravers are particularly great for bricks provide because their high power (100 watt) laser blasts the porous material of brick to produce a high detailed engraving in a single pass. Although brick engraving can be achieved with a lower power laser machine, it requires a few passes to create a desirable look. With an AP Lazer machine, you get the precise look you want the first time.

Give Students a Sense of Purpose

There’s flexibility in the designs you can engrave as well. Encourage students to create designs using scripts, block fonts and even simple symbols like hearts or stars. Challenge them to get creative with AP Lazer’s design software. A simple classroom assignment takes on a new sense of purpose when they are creating engraved bricks for a cause.

Don’t be afraid to set lofty goals – for example, a memorial wall with 500 bricks. AP Lazer’s larger machines allow you to set up multiple bricks at one time to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

A Donor Favorite

Brick campaigns are popular with donors. People love seeing their name or customized message engraved on a brick for a great purpose, and knowing their brick will last forever!



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