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Deluxe Suturing Kit

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The Deluxe Suturing Kit is a great training platform for advanced students seeking to hone the skills associated with more advanced suturing and surgical procedures. This complete kit includes a great instruction manual, instrument-quality suturing tools, industry-best SynTissue synthetic human tissues, a surgical practice board, and a durable travel case.

Relevant Skills:

Placement and removal of sutures and staples, anastomosis, laceration repair, cannulation, application of adhesives

Equipment Compatibility:

Laser scalpels, electrocautery and RF ablation devices, harmonic blades, monopolar and bipolar devices, plasma knives, ultrasound equipment, all known imaging equipment

Included Tissues: 

The kit comes with a Deluxe Student Tissue Pack, which includes:

  • – large basic suture pad
  • – knot tying pad
  • – double-layered bowel
  • – two anastomosis vessels
  • – small abdominal suture pad
  • – small muscular suture pad
  • – abdominal aorta
  • – coronary artery
Product Logo Product Image

Included Tools:

  • – surgical stapler x 1
  • – staple removal tool x 1
  • – assorted sutures x 20
  • – surgical blades x 10
  • – scalpel x 1
  • – scissors x 1
  • – tweezers x 1
  • – needle driver x 1

SynTissue synthetic human tissues are made from salt, water, and fiber, and feature the world’s most realistic tactility.


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