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Wearable Chest Tube Trainer

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The SynAtomy Wearable Chest Tube Trainer is a highly-lifelike medical training simulator designed to teach users interested in developing skills associated with tube thoracostomy placement. This trainer provides realistic characteristics such as appropriate frictional values (whilst incising the skin and subcutaneous tissue), appropriate puncture resistance (from the intercostal muscle and pleura during tube insertion) and direct simulated feedback from a well-protected patient actor.

The Wearable Chest Tube Trainer uses soft tissue from the SynAtomy product line with mechanical features that allow it to be worn by a mannequin or live actor. The structural elements in this item incorporate ballistics-quality armor to prevent injury.

Each model is constructed with highly-realistic synthetic human tissues that mimic the mechanical, thermal, and physiochemical properties of live tissue. This trainer can help prepare for skills needed in future careers such as emergency medical technologists, field medics, flight medics, naval medics, paramedics, first responders, emergency physicians, and nurses.


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Relevant Skills: 

Region sterilization, local anesthesia application, rib palpation, dermal incision, subcutaneous cut down, intercostal muscle puncture, chest tube placement, chest tube fixation via suture techniques, chest tube management

Included Components: 

Wearable armored vestige platform, reusable ribs, and replaceable tissue plate

Equipment Compatibility:

Scalpels, hemostats, chest tubes (thoracic catheters), suture kits, antiseptics, anesthetics

Features SynTissue synthetic human tissues made from salt, water, and fiber, which feature the world’s most realistic tactility!


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