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TecQuipment's H1F Digital Hydraulic Bench
The Essential Foundation for Your Fluid Mechanics Lab

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Paired with the wide variety of available experiment modules, the Digital Hydraulic Bench provides a base for you to develop a comprehensive Fluid Mechanics Lab within your organization.

This unit integrates with bench-mounted and free-standing experiment modules for hands-on, immersive hydraulic and fluid mechanics learning. Featuring a self-contained, recirculating water channel and convenient mobility, experiments can be conducted from anywhere with no external water supply needed.


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Bench-Mounted and Free-Standing Experiment Modules

H5 Bernoulli’s Theorem Experiment Module allows students to study Bernoulli’s theorem by measuring the complete static head distribution along a horizontal Venturi tube.

H16 Losses in Piping Systems Experiment Module demonstrates pressure losses in small-bore pipe circuit components, typical of those found in central heating installations

H6 Discharge Over a Notch Experiment Module provides a comprehensive study of flow over weirs.


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