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Hands-On Heat Transfer Training Units from TecQuipment

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Designed for teaching, the Bench-Top Heat Exchanger unit includes foolproof fittings to allow students to quickly and easily change out heat exchanger types — with no tools needed. The unit allows students to examine and compare small-scale heat exchanger designs. It provides hot and cold water to the heat exchangers and all the instruments necessary to measure their performance.

This easy-to-operate unit allows students to perform qualitative and quantitative comparisons of common heat exchanger designs in a safe and efficient environment.

Installation, operation, and set-up are simple:


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Integrates with VDAS® Software

The optional VDAS® (Versatile Data Acquisition System) provides high-capacity, accurate, efficient, and user-friendly automatic data acquisition. Students will be able to monitor experiment data in real-time, receiving instant feedback and data capture.

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  • Plug-And-Play Operation
  • No Calibration
  • USB Connectivity

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