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Using ESSER Funds to Skill-Up Students

Congress set aside funds allotted to the Education Stabilization Fund through the CARES Act for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER Fund). (via There have now been three rounds of ESSER Fund allocations (ESSER I, ESSER II, & ESSER III), and we are here to help your organization navigate utilizing these funds to skill-up students. *

“The ESSER Funds are allowing our school to implement a new Industrial Maintenance classroom as well as Industry 4.0 curriculum – with these improvements, students can work towards an Industry-Recognized 12-Point Credential and an alternate pathway to graduation.”

–  Marcia Pitts, Career Pathways and Testing Supervisor, Marion City Schools


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Advanced Manufacturing / Industry 4.0

Our sales consultants will meet with you to discuss utilizing ESSER Funds to implement new technologies, curriculum, and industry-recognized credentials tailored to your school, your region’s employment needs, and current initiatives within education in your state.

Makerspace Planning

Use ESSER Funds to build the Makerspace you’ve always wanted to give your students. Our consultants will take your through our Makerspace Planning Guide and map out what technologies we can provide to spark ingenuity & creativity in students while providing hands-on experience and skills.

Hands-On Education

Meet with our consultants to fill the gaps in your curriculum, implement a new program, or explore new hands-on educational technologies. With the flexibility of the ESSER funds, we will work with you to find a solution tailored to your school’s needs, priorities, and goals.

Deciding How to Utilize ESSER Funds for Student Success

“For me, it starts with first looking at how you’d like to improve student achievement or outcomes, and then you take a look at the operations side of things – what will be required to accomplish that improvement.” 

–  Benjamin Porter, Director of Teaching & Learning, Marion City Schools

Example Process

  1. 1.   Meet with your school’s Business Council or local industry leaders to identify in-demand fields in your region
  2. 2.   Make a goal for your organization to better prepare students for this identified area of crucial need
  3. 3.   Work within your organization to determine operational requirements to improve student outcomes with your goal in mind
  4. 4.   Make a plan with your Aidex consultant to identify curriculum, equipment, and facilities solutions to meet your goal

We’ll work with you every step of the way to identify needs for your school and make a plan to meet them.

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* The information contained herein is intended to help explain the CRRSAA and is not intended as legal advice or guidance nor is it intended to guarantee coverage under the Act. Aidex recommends verifying with your administration that expenditures will be made for eligible uses prior to making any purchases using CRRSAA funding.

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