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zSpace for Health Careers and Technical Education

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Create Hands-on Labs and Prepare Students for Certification Exams

The zSpace for Health Careers suite provides a set of tools to provide self study experiences, hands-on laboratory dissections, and ECG certification preparation. Students understand more deeply with 3D interactive experiences and their engagement soars. Included in the suite: Human Anatomy Atlas by Visible Body, VIVED Anatomy, and ECG by Vizitech.

zSpace Technology is Being Used in Clinical Medicine Today

Surgeons at Stanford Hopsital in Palo, CA are using zSpace technology and EchoPixel’s True 3D Viewer for surgical planning. From separating conjoined twins to performing less invasive cardiac surgery, visualizing anatomy in 3D has helped surgeons reduce incision size, infection risk, and recovery time. Incorporating zSpace learning experiences will better prepare graduates for careers in health and medicine.

 zSpace Applications

  • – Human Anatomy Atlas by Visible Body is a human anatomy general reference. Explore human body systems, over 4,600 anatomical structures, musculoskeletal animations, and thousands of quizzes.
  • – Virtual ECG allows students to practice ECG electrode placement, understand relationships between electrode placement and the ECG strip, and study abnormal ECGs.
  • – VIVED Anatomy makes dry lab dissection easy, engaging and interactive. Design and save lab sessions and create quiz questions to support your curriculum.
  • – VIVED Volume is a tool for viewing and manipulating medical imaging scans. Users can explore demo volumes or create new volumes from their DICOM libraries.
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