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National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) is the standard-setting organization for precision metalworking skills. NIMS standards are accredited by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). CNC Machine Operator Certification and Industrial Technology Maintenance (ITM) Certification are available certifications from NIMS.


CNC Machine Operator

NIMS has introduced two national certifications for CNC Machine Operators – CNC Milling Operations and CNC Lathe Operations. These certifications provide skill recommendations for CNC Machine Operators and give employers a reliable, easy way to determine if a candidate meets the qualifications for CNC Machine Operator.

CNC Mill Operations Competencies CNC Lathe Operations Competencies


Industrial Technology Maintenance (ITM)

A national, industry-written, industry-piloted standard for entry-level Industrial Technology Maintenance (ITM) skills.
This certification curriculum encompasses the following study areas:

  • Duty Area 1: Maintenance Operations
  • Duty Area 2: Basic Mechanical Systems
  • Duty Area 3: Basic Hydraulic Systems
  • Duty Area 4: Basic Pneumatic Systems
  • Duty Area 5: Electrical Systems
  • Duty Area 6: Electronic Control Systems
  • Duty Area 7: Process Control System
  • Duty Area 8: Maintenance Welding
  • Duty Area 9: Maintenance Piping
  • Duties and Standards for ITM